Levy’s Outdoor Tactical Belt Holster – LVO-TBH-OWB-BLK


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The Levy’s Outdoor Tactical Holster is an OWB holster made for use in open carry environments where legal. This holster is great for hunting, fishing, camping, or law enforcement use. The easy-to-use retention clip allows for superior safety and security, while still providing for a quick and easy draw when needed. This product is designed to allow for right hand draw on the outside of the waistband. One of the best features is the stiff button attachment that allows it to be secured without the need to remove your belt. The XL rigid attachment straps work well with utility as well as standard sized belts. Also included is an additional magazine pouch that can be accessed one-handed for quick tactical reloads. Anyone looking for a quality holster to open carry a medium or full size Pistol need not look any further.

  • Right handed draw
  • Adjustable retention clip for superior safety and security while still allowing for a quick, efficient draw
  • Holds most medium to full-sized and pistols
  • Includes additional magazine pouch with adjustable hook-and-loop strap
  • Can be attached and removed without the need to remove your belt via two button-on straps
  • Works well with XL utility style belts as well as standard belts
  • Outside the waistband holsters are great for hunting, camping, fishing, law enforcement use, or other legal open-carry applications (check local code and laws).

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